Dan Burn tells Newcastle United what to do after Champions League nights

Newcastle United couldn’t hold onto their 2-1 lead at the London Stadium, leaving Dan Burn disappointed. Burn believes that Newcastle should adopt a more ruthless approach in Premier League matches, akin to top teams like Arsenal and Man City, who consistently perform well even after Champions League matches. He emphasized the importance of a strong mentality and not using Champions League games as excuses or distractions.


Burn acknowledged that there’s a learning curve for Newcastle and stated that they should have closed out the game when they were 2-1 ahead, limiting West Ham to half chances. He praised a crucial save by Popey from Jarrod Bowen and admitted that Newcastle started slowly in the first half but improved in the second.


Newcastle 4-1 PSG: Statement win for Toon Army in Champions League joy |  Evening Standard


Despite Newcastle’s recent thrashing of Paris St-Germain, Burn stressed that their approach remains unchanged – to attack every game with the same vigor. He pointed out that they shouldn’t use midweek matches as an excuse, even if they had an extra day of rest compared to West Ham.


Looking ahead to crucial Champions League games against Borussia Dortmund and important Premier League fixtures, Burn wants to ensure that Newcastle doesn’t suffer a dip in performance after a big win. He emphasized that the best teams consistently attack every single game, drawing a parallel with Manchester City’s sustained success.

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