Revealed: The stunning amount Newcastle have already earned in Champions League prize money

Newcastle United currently leads Champions League Group F.

Newcastle United lead the ‘group of death’ after two games, thanks to a goalless draw against AC Milan at the San Siro and a magnificent win over Paris Saint-Germain at St James’ Park last week. So far, it has been a fantastic return to the competition, with the Magpies having significantly increased their coffers after only two games.

Newcastle United has already received €14.8 million (£12.78 million) for simply qualifying for and participating in the Champions League. And their unblemished start to the group stage ensures that they will receive a larger share of the prize money.

Every victory in the group stage is worth an extra €2.8 million (£2.4 million). A draw, on the other hand, is worth approximately €930k (£803k), which will be pooled and split among the clubs competing in the group stage in accordance to their number of wins.

Even if Newcastle loses all four of their remaining group games, their win over the French champions and draw against AC Milan ensures they will walk away with at least £15 million, even before coefficient payments and market pool money are given. And, with four games remaining in the group stage, Newcastle has the possibility to accumulate even more prize money.


Newcastle United 4-1 Paris Saint-Germain (4 Oct, 2023) Game Analysis - ESPN  (UK)


Unsurprisingly, advancement from the group stage to the Round of 16 will have a significant impact on the prize money awarded by UEFA. If a club is knocked out in the first knockout round, they will get €9.6 million (£8.3 million), with the amount increasing with each subsequent round.

Newcastle will also get funds based on their ten-year UEFA coefficient, as previously stated. Because the Magpies have not competed in European competition since the 2012/13 season, they will be among the lowest earners of this prize money, receiving about €30 million less than the team now atop the rankings, Real Madrid.

Newcastle United will learn the exact amount of prize money they will receive from the Champions League this season at the end of the season, based on a variety of factors such as development in the competition and the composition of clubs competing in this year’s Champions League.

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