Sunderland star Nazariy Rusyn gives ‘crazy’ answer to the most unusual thing about England

The Ukrainian has spoken about his experience relocating to Sunderland.

Late in the summer transfer window, the Ukrainian forward joined the Black Cats.
Nazariy Rusyn made his Sunderland debut two and a half weeks ago after suffering an injury earlier in the season.

Rusyn had never played for a team outside of his home nation before making the transition.

Moving to a whole different region of the world is difficult enough, but when combined with the current status of his original place, he must have been taken aback.

Sunderland supporters have yet to recognize his true potential.

Nazariy Rusyn on his new life in the northeast

The 24-year-old has only been in Sunderland for a little over a month. In an interview with Football 24, he described his life so far.

“I’m slowly getting used to everything,” Rusyn explained.

“I wouldn’t say everything is drastically altered. Although it is difficult because it is an entirely other country, not even European.

“The most unusual thing for me is that I have to drive on the other side of the road.”

He claims to be learning English but still doesn’t understand most of what his teammates and coaches say.

When joining a new club, every player must consider the logistics: where they will reside and how they will move around. Rusyn stated that the club assisted him with some of these issues.

“The club paid for my relocation. But in terms of a car or a house, they gave me people who could assist me in finding one.

“I paid for the car with my own money.” I’m also going to rent a property with my own money.”


New signing Nazariy Rusyn catches the eye in Sunderland U21s' win against  Derby County - Chronicle Live

Nazariy Rusyn on new manager Tony Mowbray

The new manager was characterized by the forward as a “good uncle.” “He’s always reserved, calm, and smiling,” he added. “I’m very impressed by him.”

The Sunderland manager stated after one of the club’s reserve games that Rusyn will be getting more and more game time, but the 24-year-old was skeptical. “We’ll see how things go.” I absolutely need to exercise, play, and get in shape. It’s a shame I was away for a month when they started playing.

“They have excellent players and a strong team.” I’d like to get to their level as soon as possible.”

Nazariy Rusyn on the Sunderland fans and the Stadium Of Light

The Black Cats’ newest signing is presently staying in a hotel near the club’s stadium. He praised the fans and the atmosphere they help to create.

“To be honest, the atmosphere at my first home game, where I made my debut, was fantastic.” Both the fans and the arena were excellent. I had a great time.”

The Ukrainian stated that he is recognized by the fans, and that they are also pretty easy to spot.

“Here, even on a normal day when there is no match, people wear Sunderland shirts,” Rusyn added. “Children as well as the elderly.” Men and women. They are devoted to their club.”

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