Chicago Bulls Star Shows Unbelievable Range In Recent Video

The Chicago Bulls made few additions to their roster this summer.

Aside from acquiring a defensive-minded point guard in Jevon Carter, they’ll essentially have the same squad next season, which isn’t good.

Last season, regardless of their two stars, the Bulls demonstrated that they were not good enough to make the playoffs.

They have larger expectations this season, especially for Zach LaVine, who has been involved in various trade speculations over the last couple of years.

And given the way he’s been shooting the ball, it’s not surprising that a few of teams are interested in signing him.

LaVine has always wanted to make it known that he’s more than simply an athleticism and a dunker, and he’s greatly improved his long-range shooting since his rookie season.


Chicago Bulls: Zach LaVine could still become a star


There’s no disputing that he can score a lot of points and dominate from all three levels.

Nonetheless, his numbers haven’t always translated into an impact on winning, despite the fact that he’s getting superstar money.


That is the only factor that could prevent the Bulls from moving on from him, as teams may be unwilling to commit that much money to a player who isn’t equipped to be an alpha scorer.

The Bulls may also consider trading DeMar DeRozan and/or Nikola Vucevic at some point.

They appear to be long overdue for a full-scale reconstruction, and 2018 could be the year that they realize it.

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