Journalist now shares what he is hearing about Kylian Mbappe and Newcastle United

Kylian Mbappe’s future at PSG is uncertain at the moment, and following Newcastle’s thrashing of

the French champions last week, there have been a few rumours regarding Mbappe perhaps moving to St James’ Park.

To be honest, this rumour has been circulating for almost two years. Mbappe has been linked with a

move to Newcastle since the club became the richest in the world, and with January approaching,

the Mbappe rumor mill is resuming.


However, Luke Edwards believes that this one is doomed.


On the BBC Football Gossip Daily Podcast, Edwards was asked about Mbappe and a prospective move to Newcastle, and he stated that Mbappe’s pay demands are beyond of Newcastle’s price range.
Too costly Edwards offered his thoughts on Mbappe and Newcastle.

“I would love to see him at Newcastle to be honest, Dan Burn feeding him balls would be a great prospect,” the talk show presenter stated.

“I’m sure Newcastle fans would agree, but from what we’ve heard, they simply can’t afford the wages.”
The highest earner at Newcastle is on about £150,000-a-week, and Mbappe would be looking in excess of £400,000-a-week, so he’s a bit out of their price range,” Edwards said.


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Far too much

Even the richest club in the world must adhere to FFP regulations, and signing Mbappe appears to be out of reach for Newcastle at the moment.

Despite their wealth, the Saudis have yet to transform Newcastle into the global brand that they hope it will be one day, and the books still need to be balanced.


Mbappe would be the splurge signing to end all splurges, and Newcastle just cannot afford him right now.


These types of players will eventually arrive at St James’ Park, but we could be waiting a decade.


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