Latest- Chicago Bulls confirm they have waived two players

Prior to the NBA season, the Chicago Bulls basketball team announced that they had waived two players, American guard Max Heidegger and Estonian forward Henri Drell.

Last night, the six-time NBA champions battled the Denver Nuggets in a preseason game, which they won 133-124 in the second overtime. Drell didn’t participate in that game at all.

Drell was unable to join the Bulls’ primary squad, but that doesn’t mean his American games, including those played while wearing a Bulls jersey, are finished.


Pole paha nimekiri! Henri Drell kuulub Chicago Bullsi treeninglaagri  koosseisu -
Henri Drell


The Estonian will be eligible to participate in the G-League, the NBA’s minor league, as he did for the last two seasons while competing for the Windy City Bulls.

The second option for the 23-year-old would be to return to Europe.


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