Revealed: What Sandro Tonali is expected to do ahead of potential ban

According to sources, Sandro Tonali is likely to denounce himself in front of authorities as part of an ongoing investigation into an alleged illicit betting scam.

Aston Villa’s Nicolo Zaniolo, Juventus’ Nicolo Fagioli, and Newcastle United’s Tonali have all been listed as suspects in a Turin prosecutors’ inquiry that has rocked Italian football.


On Thursday, Zaniolo and Tonali were both dismissed from the Italy squad after being questioned by Italian authorities probing betting rule violations.

On Sunday, it was revealed that Juventus midfielder Fagioli was eager to meet with prosecutor Giuseppe Chine in order to negotiate a lesser sentence.

And now, according to rumours, Magpies star Tonali is willing to do the same in order to get his potential ban lowered in half.
Tonali will also meet with prosecutor Giuseppe Chine, according to Il Messaggero, with the appointment scheduled for next week.

Tonali will seek a plea bargain in the future after denouncing himself in front of prosecutors, which would most likely result in a reduction of his probable ban.

According to reports from Calcia Finaza, Juventus midfielder Fagioli took the initiative to meet with lawyers and prosecutors on Sunday, during which he voluntarily surrendered his mobile phone.

The news source alleges that Fagioli disclosed the details of the gambling incident and went on to claim that he had received an illicit betting application from Newcastle’s Tonali.

It has been reported that, when asked about Tonali’s potential betting behavior, Fagioli responded by stating, “I’m not sure if he wagers on football.”

Last week, it was revealed that Zaniolo, Tonali, and Fagioli were all implicated in the investigation, which could result in worldwide bans of up to three years if they are found to have violated the rules.

According to Italian regulations, athletes are prohibited from betting on the sports they are involved in.

Mail Sport disclosed that Villa’s primary focus regarding Zaniolo is to thoroughly understand the nature of the allegations and to hear the player’s explanation, rather than rushing to make judgments.

At this point, it is understood that the 24-year-old will not face any disciplinary action from his club while the investigation is ongoing.


Sandro Tonali in tears amid gambling accusastions - STREAMFOOTY.LIVE


Reports from Italy suggest that Zaniolo’s explanation revolves around the fact that he was playing blackjack on a website that he was unaware was illegal, and he did not engage in any football betting. Engaging in gambling unrelated to football or sports is unlikely to result in any form of punishment.

Zaniolo is currently on loan at Villa from Galatasaray, with an option to purchase him for approximately £40 million at the end of the season, which will become an obligation to buy once certain performance targets are met. So far, he has played nine matches but has not scored.

Italy’s national team manager, Luciano Spalletti, stated, “It is appropriate that we support and defend these players, but ultimately, justice must run its course. If rules were indeed broken, then consequences should be faced.”

“We must also address the risk of succumbing to such temptations and have discussions with young individuals about the potential pitfalls they may encounter.”

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