Chicago Bulls confirm they have waived another player

The Chicago Bulls had a busy day yesterday, as they formally announced the additions of NBA veteran Derrick Favors and promising youngster Khalil Whitney to training camp contracts. Unfortunately, these enhancements came at a cost. Despite a great preseason performance, the Bulls have dismissed Quenton Jackson to make room on the roster.

Although his preseason stats don’t stand out, Jackson made an impression in his limited time on the field. In 26 minutes of preseason action, he had 15 points, 3 assists, and 3 rebounds. His high motor and hustle would have likely increased these stats if he had been given a larger role with more usage.

Quenton Jackson is now a free agent after a strong preseason showing with the Bulls.



Bulls Waive Quenton Jackson - BVM Sports


Jackson originally sparked interest among fans when he submitted a candidacy for dunk of the year in Chicago’s first preseason game against the Bucks. In the final seconds of the game, Quenton placed Milwaukee’s Andre Jackson Jr. on a poster to narrow the margin to two points. If Jackson was a bigger celebrity, I’m sure this dunk would have been all over social media for days.


Don’t be fooled: Jackson was not a one-hit wonder during the preseason. Jackson would jam one home in the face of Denver’s Hunter Tyson the very next game. This dunk was perhaps equally as impressive, and it was made more better by the fact that the Bulls won this game.

Jackson is now expected to return to the G League, but whether or not it will be with the Windy City Bulls remains to be seen. Jackson joins Max Heidegger and Henri Drell as recent roster cuts as the Bulls prepare for the start of the 2023-24 season and to see what Favors and Whitney have to offer.

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