Milan now serious about signing technically-gifted star, price already set

The reports regarding AC Milan’s interest in signing Assan Ouedraogo are growing in number, indicating their strong desire for the player.

According to the latest update from, Ouedraogo has emerged as a serious and concrete target for Milan. Geoffrey Moncada and Antonio D’Ottavio have closely monitored him through a scout for approximately 18 months, and the feedback has consistently been positive.

Despite being just 17 years old, Ouedraogo has already become a regular starter for Schalke 04, with nine appearances and one goal in the 2. Bundesliga during the 2023-24 season. Milan is particularly interested in him due to his remarkable personality, imposing physical presence, and impressive technical skills.


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He excels in both short passing and long balls, displays agility in midfield, and has a developing understanding of the game that resembles that of a seasoned player. This aligns with Milan’s strategy of acquiring promising young talents before their market value rises significantly and competition intensifies.

Negotiations with Ouedraogo’s representatives commenced several months ago, with Milan presenting the prospect of him being considered for the first team within a couple of years, along with the option of a loan in the interim. Any discussions with Schalke 04 will only be scheduled after gaining approval from Ouedraogo’s family, as Milan wishes to avoid unnecessary haste due to stiff competition.

The primary obstacle for Milan is the interest from Bayern Munich, RB Leipzig, and Liverpool, all of whom have already begun pursuing Assan Ouedraogo. Bayern Munich is particularly attractive to young German talents, and Schalke might be inclined to sell him for a reduced fee, possibly between €7-8 million, to avoid losing him for free as per his €20 million release clause.

This situation has put Milan on high alert, and further significant developments are expected in the coming days.

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