Mavs head coach Jason Kidd gives his take on the LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan goat debate

As LeBron James continues to accumulate a remarkable list of achievements throughout his historic NBA career, there’s an ongoing debate among fans about whether he can be considered the greatest player of all time, surpassing Michael Jordan. This divisive topic even prompted a noteworthy opinion from Dallas Mavericks head coach, Jason Kidd.

Kidd, who himself had an illustrious NBA career, acknowledges the incredible accomplishments of both James and Jordan. When asked for his perspective on the matter, Kidd expressed that, at the moment, he believes Jordan still holds the edge over James. However, he anticipates that by the time LeBron retires, he may surpass the legendary Chicago Bulls figure.


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In the eyes of many, Michael Jordan has maintained his status as the greatest player of all time. This viewpoint makes Kidd’s perspective quite intriguing. While James is steadily closing in on Jordan’s legacy, the main argument against him in this debate is whether he can add another championship ring to his record. Jason Kidd, however, doesn’t share this viewpoint.

The Los Angeles Lakers came close to returning to the NBA Finals in the previous season, indicating that it’s not unreasonable to suggest their potential to make it back and secure another championship. Some fans argue that LeBron may not even need another ring to surpass Jordan. Regardless, it will be captivating to observe how James concludes his already extraordinary career, as it could have significant implications for this ongoing greatest-of-all-time (GOAT) debate.

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