Fabio Capello names on key aspect Pioli must improve at Milan

AC Milan’s woes in the Champions League continued with a 3-0 loss to PSG last night, marking their third consecutive game without finding the net. Fabio Capello, in a post-game interview with Sky Italia, pointed out that Milan needs to address several issues, with one aspect being particularly critical.

At the beginning of the match, the Rossoneri held their own but struggled to match PSG’s pace after conceding the opening goal. With just two points from three games, they currently sit at the bottom of their group, necessitating a strong performance in the return leg.

Capello expressed his disappointment with Milan’s performance, particularly criticizing their execution. He emphasized that Milan must enhance this specific area to compete at the Champions League level.

Capello remarked, “I wasn’t pleased with the match. Milan played evenly for the first half-hour, but their one-on-one approach ultimately backfired. When facing opponents with speed and dribbling skills, it’s exceedingly challenging to secure a favorable result. They needed to exercise more caution.”

He also highlighted Milan’s defensive lapses, particularly their absence during the second goal, which came from a corner kick. He noted that Milan failed to assert themselves in the penalty area until the 80th minute, resulting in a lack of offensive productivity. This situation underscores the team’s attacking shortcomings.


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Looking ahead to their upcoming match against Napoli, Capello emphasized its importance as an opportunity for Milan to prove their worth. Milan has faced three formidable opponents in the Champions League, losing all three matches. They now face another challenging team in Napoli.

Capello stressed the heightened level of competition in the Champions League, where teams provide no margin for error and swiftly capitalize on mistakes. He underlined this as the area that Milan’s manager, Pioli, needs to focus on.

The match against Napoli, as Capello mentioned, carries significant weight not only for rebounding from their Champions League struggles but also for asserting their position at the top of the Serie A standings.

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