Michael Duff confirms 5 players out with injuries for Blackburn Rovers on Saturday

The Swans play Blackburn Rovers on Saturday and will spend the night at St George’s Park to prepare for the game. Regardless of the ‘hope’ that things will improve, it appears like two more casualties will be added to the injury list.

Injuries are the big topic this week, and our columnist Andrew Winfield mentions them in his detailed story on Swansea City this morning.

In the words of Michael Duff. “I don’t think we’ve had much luck this season.” We were comfortable winners in all four of our games. I’m not convinced we’ve got a lot of luck; we could have had a penalty even last weekend.
We’ve hit the crossbar, so yes, it’s not that we want to be relying on luck but over the season we hope that it evens out”

You have to agree with Swansea’s head coach that the last two games were unlucky. To some extent, at least. There is a feeling the Swans could have shipped four or five goals against Leicester on Saturday (they didn’t, according to those who disagree) and the penalty shout was as obvious as can be to some, but the referee hasn’t clarified his position in these times of a lack of communication between officials and the media. As a result, supporters who ask questions and take sides on such occurrences have little or no idea why they happen.




Swansea City seal signing of Josh Key | Swansea


Both Josh Key and Mykola Kukharevych arrived at St George’s Park today hoping rather than firmly expecting to play on Saturday. According to the most recent information, they are extremely unlikely to play.
That leaves Jerry Yates up front, and we can presume he’ll start there on Saturday. The defensive difficulties are that Key may not be involved, and Harrison Ashby, while fit, is recovering from Tuesday night’s game with severe cramping. Duff must make some decisions.

Ben Cabango is back, although Bashir Humphreys and Harry Darling haven’t done anything wrong in his absence. The temptation for Duff is to put them all in a defensive three, or to push Bashir out to left back, where he is not at ease.

Cabango, we assume, will start on the bench.

Despite not playing on Tuesday night, Charlie Patino has been assured of a starting spot.

This ‘may’ result in him taking over in midfield from Jay Fulton. Duff made a comment today. “Ben Cabango enters the picture, which is a good thing. Apart from that, Mykola and Josh are questionable in terms of fitness. We’ll have to wait and see.” In Duff’s situation, we can only hope that he is playing his cards close to his chest…

Swansea City host Blackburn Rovers at 3pm on Saturday at Ewood Park.


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