Nottingham Forest player criticised for bad start to season set to Return to home country

The reactions from the Greek media to Nottingham Forest midfielder Gustavo Scarpa’s loan at Olympiacos have been mixed.

Following his summer transfer, the player has only played 319 minutes in six outings and has been left out of their last three league games.

The Greek outlet SportDog has published an article about the Nottingham Forest loanee, concluding that he should not stay much longer.

First and foremost, the site claims that despite his ‘tremendous quality,’ he has ‘lost pace’ since moving to England.

With reports that he may return to Brazil, SportDog invited journalist Yannis Douzgos to discuss the subject, and suggested that Flamengo could be one of the clubs interested in him.


Nottingham Forest supporting Gustavo Scarpa after Brazilian loses money in  scam | The Independent


“If there is no other development, he will end up at Palmeiras on loan or in a consortium sale – They can get him for two years for example and then on a regular transfer.

“Flamengo could also be interested in his case, given that Tite, who now sits on their bench, was the coach who took Scarpa to the Brazilian national team. Flamengo, after all, is a team that can spend money in Latin America.”

Scarpa is under contract with Nottingham Forest until 2026, and given how things have been going, the Reds will need to find a replacement for him next summer.

Scarpa didn’t want to return to Brazil this summer, so he’ll have to change his mind or find another choice in Europe.

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