DeMar DeRozan and Zach LaVine make ‘unbelievable’ Bulls vow for season

The Bulls are still looking for a formula that works three games into the season.

And it’s reasonable to wonder if Zach LaVine and DeMar DeRozan are the key players who can pull it off.

We have been together for three years. According to NBC Sports Chicago’s K.C. Johnson, LaVine stated, “We understand how this industry works.” “Everyone loves the other. One of my closest friends is DeMar. We converse frequently.

“However, we need to figure out how to make this work.”


DeMar DeRozan, Zach LaVine have never 'been more confident' in duo


Many people are skeptical of this group of Bulls. They give off the impression of being stuck there indefinitely.

For nearly a year, there have been rumors of trade involving both DeRozan and LaVine. Nevertheless, it is improbable that Chicago would obtain an equivalent amount for each player. The Bulls (1-2) have attempted to construct around them instead.

It’s only gone ok. In other words, DeRozan and LaVine have the potential to improve and play well together on a regular basis.

DeRozan stated, “I think we’re going to get it,” according to Johnson. It’s annoying because you feel like it should come naturally because so much time has passed. However, I believe that occasionally we may overcompensate for one another because we really want things to work out.



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