Gary O’Neil sends ‘Incredible’ warning to EPL referees and calls out Anthony Taylor

Gary O’Neil has issued a warning to Premier League referees following another contentious decision against Wolves.

Wolves were once again impacted by questionable refereeing decisions last weekend when Newcastle was awarded a penalty. Despite the fact that replays showed no contact, Hee-Chan Hwang kicked to clear the ball and Fabian Schar hit the deck.
Last Saturday, the referee in charge was Anthony Taylor. As a result of his poor decisions, he was demoted this weekend and is now on Championship duty for the first time since 2019.

Gary O’Neil has now spoken out about the incident, issuing a warning to other referees.

O’Neil sends a warning to referees

Wolves boss Gary O'Neil sends warning to Man City's Matheus Nunes ahead of  Molineux return - Manchester Evening News


O’Neil sent a small message to other referees during his pre-weekend press conference, as reported by Goal.

“I saw the numbers in the review they did on Tuesday, and they were 5-0 in favor of a penalty not being given on the field, and 4-1 in favor of it not being overturned by VAR.”

“I believe Anthony Taylor is officiating the Championship game this weekend – that’s three referees who have been relegated as a result of officiating us, so be careful when you referee Wolves because you could end up being relegated the following week!”

“That’s Man Utd, Luton and Newcastle now. I haven’t received an apology and I don’t want one. They’re not going to help, but hopefully, the level improves.”

Could change things for Wolves

As bad as complaining and publicly pressuring a referee can be, we’ve seen what it can do for Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp.

Klopp criticized the incompetence that led to officials on the main making the correct decisions against them.

As a result, referees are likely to be extra cautious in order to avoid making poor decisions against the Wolves.

This could benefit Wolves and ensure that no points are deducted due to poor refereeing. But we’re not holding our breath.

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