Bulls could trade star tomorrow in latest update

For much of the offseason and into training camp, the Bulls’ trade rumor mill has been centered on guard Zach LaVine, and for good reason. LaVine is in the second year of a five-year, $215 million contract, and as is so common in the NBA, there is remorse on all sides.

However, trading LaVine is a massive undertaking that is unlikely to happen until the trade deadline—if at all this season—and will almost certainly necessitate multiple teams and draft picks. If the Bulls decide to abandon the roster as it currently stands, a simpler trade option exists: veteran guard Alex Caruso.

The asking price is likely to be a first-round pick and a player of some ability, which is a decrease from last year, when Bulls rumors and reports suggested the team would not engage in Alex Caruso trade talks unless two first-round picks were on the table.

Caruso has been compared to Josh Hart, who was traded from Portland to New York for a first-round pick as well as Cam Reddish, Ryan Arcidiacono, and Svi Mykhailiuk.

“Coveted is a good word to describe him. “They could trade Alex Caruso tomorrow if you want to make a trade,” the executive told Heavy Sports. “Half the league’s teams would be there with an offer.”

A lot of teams are keeping an eye on the situation, and Caruso is getting more attention than anyone else on the roster. It’s just a matter of when the Bulls are ready to make a change and let him go.”


Aggie Alex Caruso makes All-NBA Defensive Team

Slow Going on Bulls Rumor Mill Lately

However, the Bulls trade rumor mill has been quiet recently. Team president Arturas Karnisovas assembled the roster two years ago, bringing in Alex Caruso and adding Nikola Vucevic at center and DeMar DeRozan at forward. In 2022, the team also added point guard Lonzo Ball.

But, after that flurry of moves, Karnisovas is determined to see how far this roster can go in its current form. Given the team’s 3-5 start, he might be on his way to finding out. And this could rekindle the Alex Caruso Bulls trade rumors.

“They got a lot of calls on him last year at the deadline and in the summer,” the executive said. “And it’s always been a, ‘No, thanks,’ for them, or they ask too much to where they’re not serious. But that is probably going to change. They have young guys who need to get on the floor more. If things don’t change in terms of the record, and they can get a first-rounder for him, they’d have to.”

Lakers, Heat, Kings Tabbed Among Possible Suitors

In terms of rumors about which teams might be interested in Bulls’ Alex Caruso, the executive stated that almost any contender could use him. He specifically mentioned the Lakers, which makes sense given that Caruso signed a four-year, $37 million contract with the Bulls to leave L.A. in 2021, though Caruso stated that he wanted to stay with the Lakers if they would match the deal. They didn’t, Caruso left, and the Lakers immediately regretted it.

The Heat and Kings have also been mentioned as possibilities, though reaching an agreement may be difficult.

Caruso, known for his tough defense, has averaged 6.4 points, 2.5 assists, and 3.9 rebounds in 22.6 minutes this season. He is shooting 54.3% from the field and 35.0% from beyond the arc.

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