2-Time All-Star all but confirms Lakers as top trade choice

In the early stages of the 2023-24 season, a prominent player has emerged on the trade radar. While it’s not officially confirmed, rumors are swirling around a potential trade involving Zach LaVine due to reports by Shams Charania suggesting an increased willingness from both LaVine and the Chicago Bulls to explore trade possibilities. Predictably, the Los Angeles Lakers swiftly joined the discussions.

However, this conversation holds a distinctive quality. It’s not merely a case of linking any star player to the Lakers because of their brand. LaVine has genuine connections to Los Angeles and has previously expressed his interest in playing alongside LeBron James.

Los Angeles is prohibited from engaging in any trade for LaVine until at least mid-December. This timeline offers LaVine ample opportunity to influence his potential trade destination. Without delay, LaVine has already begun signaling his inclination to join the Lakers.

How Zach Lavine is essentially telling the world that he wants to join the Lakers:

Let’s begin with LaVine’s very specific hat decision following the Bulls’ loss on Wednesday. After all of the allegations, a hat from Los Angeles? That seems unusually specific.

Sure, discussing someone’s choice of headwear post-game might seem insignificant. However, these individuals are aware of the implications. Superstar athletes, particularly in the NBA, are strategic in their actions. They deliberately convey subtle messages or provocations to the media.

LaVine is fully cognizant of the current chatter surrounding him, and he understood that wearing that specific hat would generate attention. So, why did he do it?

LaVine sought that attention deliberately. He aimed to sustain the ongoing dialogue about the prospect of joining the Los Angeles Lakers. Why? Because the more it remains a topic of discussion, the more buzz it generates. Increased buzz leads to heightened external noise reaching the Lakers, ultimately bolstering Klutch Sports’ position when LeBron James and Anthony Davis advocate for LaVine’s trade.

Consider this NBA Media 101. The lesson is underway.

Moreover, this isn’t the sole tactic in Klutch’s playbook. Just a day before purposefully donning an LA hat during a post-game interview, LaVine appeared at the Kentucky-Kansas game alongside Rich Paul, both sporting matching Klutch hoodies.

Is this a chance to represent the brand? Sure. However, Paul and LaVine are not being subtle here. The decision to show up to this game in Klutch clothing, together, soon after the Shams article about a possible LaVine trade?

That is as deliberate as it gets.

Klutch Sports is dominating the conversation, and it is no secret that the company is attempting to steer it to Los Angeles, where Klutch’s most prominent client already plays. LaVine aspires to be a Laker. It’s only a matter of time before this deceptive marketing drives the Lakers to want him.

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