Stefano Pioli’s departure now finally discussed with a ‘credible’ replacement

Stefano Pioli’s position as AC Milan’s head coach is under examination, and many fans are calling for his resignation. However, as Luca Serafini points out, the Rossoneri must carefully assess the situation before deciding on a course of action.

Milan had only two points in their last four league games, including two 2-0 losses (against Napoli and Lecce). In other words, tensions are high, and Pioli has been heavily questioned, particularly by fans.

Luca Serafini, a MilanTV analyst, has given his thoughts on the topic in his recent editorial for MilanNews. Milan needs a very good replacement lined up if they are to split ways with Pioli, as he puts it. Otherwise, they may wind up doing more harm than good.

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“How do we assess the possibility of dismissal?” First and foremost, consider the manager’s relationship with the team. It is vital to gather pieces from both sides in order to determine whether there is still trust, empathy, and a shared path.

“From the outside, it appears like all three are standing. The performances against PSG, Napoli, and Lecce would not have happened if there was a break or an internal rift, as some keyboard warriors have stated. It is incumbent to management to conduct a thorough investigation.

“Of course, we must also look at the results, which is the first step in determining the situation.” Personally, I continue to blame this season’s ups and downs on injuries, which have been far too common in recent years.

“If we were to consider dismissal, we would need to have a valid and credible replacement.” Napoli took Mazzarri after looking at Tudor. If you believe we can improve with a specific manager, go ahead! We can quickly dismiss Pioli. Otherwise, it may be permissible to continue, as long as the mosaic pieces fit together and the problem does not worsen,” he added.

Milan will face Fiorentina after the break and it will be a crucial game. The injuries need to come to an end, because the Rossoneri’s depth struggles have been highlighted once again. Therefore, finding a solution must be the sole priority for Pioli and his staff.




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