Vincent Kompany sends warning to Virgil van Dijk after contract hint

Virgil van Dijk has set a seven-year objective for Liverpool, but Premier League greats like Vincent Kompany and John Terry illustrate that it will be extremely difficult to reach.
Virgil van Dijk, a Liverpool defender, is nearing the conclusion of his contract. Given that he was named captain in the summer and has been in excellent form this season, it’s likely that his contract will be extended. What is more intriguing is how long that extension will last.

Van Dijk will be 33 before the start of the 2024/25 season, and the duration of his next contract may show Liverpool’s degree of trust in him.

Predictably, he is optimistic — he ‘looks at Thiago Silva’ and’sees no reason’ why he can’t perform at a high level until his late 30s, according to The Athletic.

Even at the age of 39, Silva has played every minute for Chelsea in the Premier League this season. Only three other players in the Premier League above the age of 35 have played more than 500 minutes: Fulham’s Tim Ream (36, 963 minutes) and Willian (35, 776 minutes), and Everton’s Ashley Young (38, 917 minutes).

Silva’s consistent appearances are commendable, marked by his performance rather than his reputation. He stood out in a tough season for Chelsea, earning recognition as their player of the year from teammates and fans due to his impactful contributions.


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Silva sets a high standard, yet Van Dijk should be cautious, understanding that Silva is an exception among even the greatest players. Examples like Nemanja Vidić, who retired at 34 due to injuries, or Vincent Kompany’s struggle with fitness despite crucial moments in Manchester City’s success, highlight the difficulty of sustaining performance as players age. Rio Ferdinand, another football legend, continued for a few more years but didn’t conclude his career at his peak, experiencing a decline in playing time and moving to Queens Park Rangers before retiring.

John Terry, the oldest among these players at retirement (37), faced a similar scenario away from his synonymous club, Chelsea, in his final season. He played a pivotal role in winning the Premier League but found himself sidelined when Chelsea clinched the title again. His departure led him to Aston Villa before transitioning into coaching.

Maintaining a top-level performance in one’s mid-to-late 30s is challenging due to injury risks and physical decline, making it difficult to secure a spot in the starting lineup.

If Van Dijk can mirror Silva’s longevity, surpass the challenges faced by players like Kompany and Terry, and accumulate more Premier League titles, he could establish himself as the greatest in his position in the league’s history. This achievement would distinguish him from many who faced career declines despite their talent. However, surpassing these benchmarks would be Van Dijk’s toughest test yet, despite already raising the standards for defenders across Europe.

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