Chicago Bulls could get eliminated from the In-Season Tournament on Tuesday

The fate of the Bulls in the In-Season Tournament may be decided as early as Tuesday night.

Even if the Chicago Bulls do not play on Tuesday night, they might be eliminated from the NBA’s inaugural In-Season Tournament if a number of outcomes occur. This development may add another layer of despair for Bulls fans in a season in which they have stumbled to a 5-10 start.

Winless in the In-Season Tournament

The In-Season Tournament is being held by the NBA to increase interest in NBA games during the early part of the season. However, the excitement in Chicago may be short-lived, as the Bulls have yet to win a tournament game this season, falling to the Brooklyn Nets and then the Orlando Magic. This places them at the bottom of Eastern Conference Group C.

Despite the fact that Chicago still has two games left on their In-Season schedule—against the Toronto Raptors on Friday and the Boston Celtics the following week. However, if the following results occur on Tuesday night, the Bulls may be eliminated from further contention:

  • The Philadelphia 76ers defeat the Cleveland Cavaliers.
  • The Indiana Pacers thwart the Atlanta Hawks.
  • The Magic beat the Raptors.

No trip to Las Vegas?

Eight teams will advance to the tournament’s knockout stage, which will be held in Las Vegas. The top team from each of the six groups, as well as the best second-place teams from each conference, will advance to the knockout phase, which begins on December 4.

Aside from the pressing need to enhance their skills, the Bulls may also require some good fortune. With a 2-0 record, the Celtics presently lead Group C.

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