‘It’s Absurd’ – Simon Jordan rages over ridiculous Everton & Newcastle decision

Simon Jordan has lashed out at Everton and seven other Premier League clubs for making an illogical decision this week.

On page 77 of the print edition of the Daily Mail on Thursday (23 November), the pundit called it “nonsense” that eight top-flight clubs voted against a temporary ban on loan transactions between clubs owned by the same person.

He went on to say that it demonstrates the “ridiculousness” of the vested interests who rule the game, and that we could be “heading for a world of pain” if multi-club ownership is exploited to circumvent Financial Fair Play.



The teams in question – Everton, Chelsea, Manchester City, Newcastle United, Nottingham Forest, Sheffield United, Wolves, and Burnley – made a highly contentious decision earlier this week.


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It appears to be a conflict of interest when owners may utilize some of their other sides to alleviate any FFP concerns they may have about their Premier League asset, especially given that some of the teams in question are owned by organizations that fall into that category.

If the 777 Partners takeover of Goodison Park goes through, the Toffees would also be part of that group, therefore it’s hardly surprising that they voted that way.

Jordan was irritated that the decision was made so soon after the Blues had been docked ten points as a result of the Premier League’s strong stance on their expenditure violations.

This does not appear to be the end of the loan issue, as a number of clubs in the top flight are clearly unhappy with the advantage certain sides may get on the FFP front as a result of this situation.

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