The match that could be crucial to Pioli’s position at Milan with chances now assessed

A journalist, Sebastiano Vernazza, discusses in La Gazzetta dello Sport that Stefano Pioli’s position isn’t under immediate threat, but a loss against Fiorentina would mark three consecutive home defeats and significantly weaken his standing. Milan urgently needs a win at San Siro on Saturday, as enduring a third home league loss would be unacceptable for the Rossoneri.

While Pioli isn’t yet at a make-or-break stage, a negative outcome could force management into a crucial decision: whether to maintain their trust in him or aggressively address the team’s decline. The upcoming match against Borussia Dortmund might delay an immediate verdict. Milan’s league form has faltered since their victory against Genoa on October 7th, with draws and losses impacting their momentum.

Despite holding the third position, meeting the Champions League target, Milan faces pressure from Napoli, Atalanta, and Fiorentina closely trailing behind. Initially strong performances against challenging opponents like Bologna, Torino, and Roma set a positive tone, but the 5-1 derby loss triggered a downward spiral.


Pioli confident of Milan response against Lazio


The journalist suggests a potential lack of faith in Pioli among the team members, citing Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s influence as possibly undermining the coach and his staff. Analogous to the situation with Rudi Garcia’s appointment in Naples by Aurelio De Laurentiis, Milan’s scenario is less intense but indicates prevalent doubts about the coach within the club.

Pioli’s contract expiring in 2025 has been a deterrent against immediate action. However, another setback could push the situation toward a critical juncture. Pioli has led Milan since October 2019, enduring various challenges, including surviving the threat of replacement during the Covid season, ultimately winning the 2022 Scudetto.

Comparatively, Inter’s success under Antonio Conte’s league title and Simone Inzaghi’s domestic cups during the same period stands as a measuring stick. However, it was Inter’s Champions League semi-final appearance that significantly impacted the perception of their achievements.

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