La Masia graduate agrees to join Milan in January, Barcelona to get 40% of the fee

Numerous players who excelled in FC Barcelona’s lower levels have departed the club recently in pursuit of continued growth, mainly due to the formidable challenge of securing first-team opportunities within the Catalan club.

One such player, left-back Juan Miranda, left Barcelona and could potentially transfer to another club in the upcoming January transfer window. Despite his stint at Schalke 04 and Real Betis on loan, Miranda ultimately joined Betis permanently, with Barcelona retaining a clause entitling them to 40% of any future transfer fee involving the player.

Reports suggest that this clause might soon work in Barcelona’s favor. SPORT indicates that Miranda has reportedly agreed to join AC Milan, making a move to the Italian club seem imminent, even though his contract with Real Betis extends until June 2024.


Barcelona pay compensation to offload Juan Miranda to Real Betis


AC Milan’s decision on when to pursue Miranda hinges on the needs of their coach, Stefano Pioli, especially considering they already boast one of the world’s top left-backs in Theo Hernandez.

Barcelona is closely monitoring the situation, particularly the negotiations between Real Betis and AC Milan. The club hopes for a January transfer, allowing them to secure a significant portion of the transfer fee.

In the event that Miranda leaves as a free agent in the summer, neither Barcelona nor Real Betis stands to benefit financially. Therefore, although Barcelona isn’t directly involved in Miranda’s negotiations, they are eager for a January resolution to ensure a financial return.

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