Jamaal Lascelles gives a bizarre reason why he looked to be limping on Saturday

Newcastle United captain Jamaal Lascelles scored in the 4-1 triumph over Chelsea on Saturday.

For the most part, the 30-year-old put in a strong performance, and his goal earned him a spot on Garth Crook’s Team of the Week.

However, there was a period in the second half when Newcastle fans were worried because Lascelles appeared to be suffering, and the last thing Newcastle needs right now is another injury.

Jamaal Lascelles gave Newcastle fans a scare when he started hobbling

Thankfully, it was nothing serious, and due to the relaxed tone of the game, Lascelles was able to be subbed off to assure his safety.

Lascelles boots
The captain’s new boots

Speaking to BBC’s Total Sport after the game, presumably next to one of the diesel generator-powered burger carts outside the stadium, Jamaal Lascelles explained the true reason why he appeared to be suffering, and we swear these statements are genuine.

“It meant a lot because I wasn’t having the best of games, struggling a bit with my boots and my foot. But I was pleased to score and I do think it was the turning point in the momentum.

“I’m fine. My studs snapped so I had to change boots and I had not worn them before so I had a size nine on one foot and a size 11 on the other, so my feet were all over the gaff!”

Lascelles was off to the Metro on Saturday night to pick up a new pair of Hi-Tec

The worst part is that Lascelles is a size 10! (Of course, he isn’t, but can you imagine?

We hope he meant what he said. We basically assumed he was wearing two different boot sizes because we don’t know what to say if he was wearing two different boot sizes. I know FFP is hurting us, but a pair of boots for the captain can’t possibly result in a 10-point deduction.

I can’t help but imagine Lascelles running in a circle on the spot because one boot has superior traction. This is a fantastic story.

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