‘Get yourself out of here’: Rio Ferdinand reacts after what he’s heard said about Kieran Trippier

Rio Ferdinand and Joel Beya discussed Newcastle United defender Kieran Trippier on their newest FIVE program.

The Magpies’ star has been a key player in Eddie Howe’s side’s ascent from Premier League relegation contenders to Champions League contenders.

On the episode, Ferdinand, Beya, and Stephen Howson questioned whether Trippier is a greater player than peak Gary Neville.

This comes after the Newcastle midfielder excelled in the Magpies’ 4-1 Premier League victory against Chelsea last weekend.

Except for fouling Raheem Sterling, Trippier was nearly faultless both defensively and offensively as Newcastle thrashed their opponents.

“He’s a better ‘footballer,’ he hasn’t had a better career,” Ferdinand said to Beya’s claim that the Newcastle player was a better player than Neville.


Newcastle United - Kieran Trippier


Ferdinand discussed how the game has evolved, how wingers are being double-marked, and how the full-back has more motivation to get forward.

“When you’re comparing players, Gary Neville going forward wasn’t having the impact and numbers that someone like Trip is, but the game is allowing that now.”

Then, when Beya said Trippier was better defensively than Neville, Ferdinand wasn’t having any of it.

“Get yourself out of here right now… anyone got any water? Go get some water for this guy,” joked the Manchester United icon.

“I never ever ever once worried where Gary Neville was. If the ball’s over there, the biggest problem I’ve got is what’s going to be over my shoulder.

“I had the most comfortable moments in my career… because I had Gary Neville.”

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This is obviously the type of topic that can go on indefinitely because there is no real way to settle it when comparing a retired player to one who is still professionally playing.

However, having a player who counts one of the players under consideration as a former colleague with whom he has won numerous trophies adds weight to the argument.

In any case, it’s not as if it matters in the larger scheme of things. Trippier is now on fire for Newcastle and is well on his path to become a club legend for his heroics at St James’ Park.

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