Gerry Cardinale’s ‘shock’ message revealed as Pioli’s position at Milan now very clear

A meeting occurred at Milanello involving owner Gerry Cardinale and head coach Stefano Pioli, with ongoing information surfacing about the discussion.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, it was stated this morning that there was no delay in deciding to retain Pioli as the head coach despite the 3-1 loss against Borussia Dortmund. The club had already made the choice before the match.

Cardinale is committed to not disrupting the team’s plans, and Milan took into account mitigating circumstances: the coach isn’t solely responsible if injuries prevent fielding the strongest team. The team has faced a string of muscle problems, absolving the coach and staff rather than holding them accountable.

Initially not expected at Milanello in the morning during the team’s training for the game against Frosinone, Cardinale later appeared at lunchtime to personally reaffirm his support for Pioli. Pioli perceived the meeting as constructive and motivating.

The owners are backing the coach, who understands he cannot falter and must immediately regain momentum against Frosinone and onward. In the pursuit of a top-four position in the standings, there’s no room for errors.

Pioli has justified the team’s performance with a series of injuries and challenging matches. For instance, the recent game against Dortmund was played without key players due to injuries and missed opportunities.

While Milan displayed promising performances in other Champions League matches, they couldn’t capitalize on chances, favoring Pioli. The win against PSG at home also adds to his favor.


Stefano Pioli shoulders blame as AC Milan look to turn form around against  PSG | beIN SPORTS


The club doesn’t have evidence that the coach or technical staff’s work directly causes the injuries. However, they acknowledge a persistent issue that requires investigation and resolution, possibly stemming from the team’s training ground, Milanello.

Although Milan made changes by ending collaboration with a trainer whose methods were outdated, they believe altering doctors, trainers, or physiotherapists won’t prevent new physical issues.

Changing the coach during a match won’t guarantee success, especially considering the club’s financial constraints. The sustainability of the club prohibits reckless spending on a new coach.

A meeting lasting an hour and three-quarters between Pioli, Cardinale, and CEO Furlani reiterated the club’s support for the coach, pending a final evaluation when Pioli has a full team at his disposal.

A comprehensive assessment will occur at the end of the season when Pioli will have a year left on his contract. Meanwhile, immediate solutions are required to address the team’s crisis in performance and results.

While further success in the current Champions League seems improbable, the primary objective is qualifying for the next edition. Securing three points in the upcoming match against Frosinone is essential. Would excuses like injuries and suspensions still hold if the team underperforms against a newly promoted side at home?


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