‘I spoke to them’: Alan Shearer now shares what UEFA have directly told him after Newcastle refereeing howler

During the encounter between PSG and Newcastle United, Alan Shearer revealed what UEFA told him regarding the VAR dispute.

The Newcastle United icon has stated that he has talked with UEFA regarding the contentious penalty decision against Eddie Howe’s team.

So, what did Alan Shearer have to say about Newcastle United, VAR, UEFA, and PSG? Let us investigate.

What’s the story?

On Tuesday evening, Newcastle United drew 1-1 away from home with Paris Saint-Germain in UEFA Champions League Group F.

Newcastle’s Aleksander Isak scored in the 24th minute after Miguel Almiron’s shot was pushed to the striker’s feet.

Kylian Mbappe scored from the penalty spot for PSG in the eighth minute of injury time.

After conferring with the pitchside monitor, referee Szymon Marciniak determined that Tino Livramento had handled the ball within the box and gave the penalty.

However, television replays revealed that the ball had first struck Livramento’s chest. There was nothing the Newcastle player could do about it.

There was widespread criticism of the decision, and rightly so. It was a truly bad one, one of the worst of the season so far.

Newcastle legend and BBC Sport pundit Alan Shearer has now disclosed what UEFA have told him about it.


Alan Shearer sends stark warning to Newcastle owners about their next steps  - Chronicle Live


Gary Lineker said on The Rest is Football podcast: “This is the morning after the night before, we are recording this on the Wednesday.
“I think it’s safe to say that Newcastle were robbed last night. You went very quiet on our group chat about from one endless rant.”

Shearer said: “Gaz, you know I like a good swear every know and again. That was a disgrace. That’s as polite as I can be.”

Lineker noted: “I can’t work out quite how anyone could see how that was a penalty, it quite clearly came off his leg first and flicked his elbow.

“It was almost because it was right at the end of the game, they had been getting a lot of stick from the supporters in Paris and whether they were influenced in that I don’t know, but I understand Alan you have been in touch with UEFA this morning.

Shearer shared: “I spoke to them this morning and to be fair to them, they were as angry as we were, they were as disappointed as what we were in the decision and they said that the referee and the VAR knew straight away after the game that they had made a huge error and they would no longer be involved in the games this evening [Wednesday] or in the next round of games which are in two weeks’ time, they will be off those games as well. But they won’t be commenting and it was okay for me to say that.”

Newcastle United deserved more against Paris Saint-Germain

Newcastle United, in my opinion, deserved better than what they got against Paris Saint-Germain. The Magpies, in my opinion, deserved all three points.

Yes, PSG came close to scoring from open play on several occasions, but the call against Newcastle was never a penalty. Livramento was not guilty. He couldn’t stop the ball from hitting his chest and then his arm.

Newcastle is now third in Group F of the UEFA Champions League. They have five points after five matches. Borussia Dortmund leads with ten points, while PSG is third with seven. With five points, AC Milan is fourth.


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