‘Definitely not’: O’Neil says £35k-a-week Wolves player will not be involved against Burnley

Gary O’Neil has confirmed that Wolves defender Jonny Castro Otto will not play against Burnley tomorrow night, casting question on his future at the club.

O’Neil has been speaking to reporters ahead of Wolves’ match against the Clarets at Molineux, where Wolves will be looking to rebound from their 2-1 loss to Arsenal.

It’s a quick turnaround, and Wolves are hoping for a favorable outcome after a recent setback.

But Wolves will go to Molineux without Jonny, with the Spaniard’s future at the club now in doubt…

Gary O’Neil now delivers concerning update on Jonny Castro Otto after Arsenal absence

Today, O’Neil provided an update on Jonny, who was rested against Arsenal last weekend.

When challenged on this at the weekend, O’Neil didn’t say much. There was no mention of an injury, and he didn’t respond to the allegation that the player had made himself unavailable.

However, O’Neil provided a disturbing update today.

Jonny, who earns £35,000 per week, will not play against Burnley tomorrow night because he is the subject of an internal investigation.

“If or when he’s back available, we’ll let everyone know,” O’Neil admitted. He will not be available for the upcoming games at this time.

“I’d rather not discuss specifics in public. A lot happens on training grounds and at football teams. The club is handling it.”

“We’ll keep you posted when he returns.” I can’t say anything else at this point. That’s all I’ve got. He’s not here right now, but if and when he is, we’ll let you know. So, absolutely, he’s definitely not going to be here tomorrow.”


Exclusive: Wolves defender Jonny Castro Otto missing for disciplinary  reasons | Shropshire Star

A worrying development

So something happened on the practice field that O’Neil deems inappropriate, and Jonny will not be participating until the issue is examined and fixed.

Perhaps additional information will emerge in the future, but circumstances like this are always worrying. It’s also somewhat surprising because, according to O’Neil, Jonny had been training ‘unbelievably hard’ since the beginning of November.

Jonny hasn’t been playing for Wolves, so it’s possible that it has something to do with his lack of playing time.

Whatever happened, you’d think Jonny’s Wolves future is now in jeopardy, with the transfer window reopening next month.


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