Eddie Howe now shares what he’s learned after three Champions League games

Eddie Howe was deflated after the dismal loss to Borussia Dortmund last night.

In terms of weather, injuries, performance, and outcome, it was a terrible night at St. James’ Park.

Nobody could blame Eddie Howe for sending Jason Tindall out to face the media for the first time after everything that had gone wrong.

Eddie, on the other hand, remained calm throughout and addressed the reporters with as much dignity as he could muster.

Eddie Howe can now analyze his team’s development in the Champions League.

This is, of course, Howe’s first appearance in the Champions League, and now that he’s faced each team in the group, he’ll have a greater understanding of how things are going. One of the questions he was asked was what he’d learnt about his team and the group after three games.

“Probably from tonight, that we have to be at our best to win and I think if you dip below that I think it’s tough to get results at this level.”


Newcastle vs Borussia Dortmund LIVE: Champions League result and final  score after Felix Nmecha goal | The Independent


Newcastle has one win, one draw, and one loss in the Champions League. We’ve tried everything.

The draw against AC Milan was considered a nice result at the time, but we went on to hammer Paris Saint-Germain, proving that this team is capable of so much more in Europe.

Newcastle should not be afraid of any of the teams in Group F right now.
Last night was a stumbling block. A significant bump, but a bump nevertheless.

There’s no reason we can’t extract our vengeance in Germany in two weeks. They were there for the taking yesterday night, and we should not be afraid of them.

The same goes for PSG away, and we have high hopes for the boys versus Milan at home.

We’ll chalk this one up to a lesson for Eddie Howe to learn from and we’ll be back better than ever in two weeks… provided no more of our players succumb to freak injuries.


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