AC Milan owner finally makes Stefano Pioli’s decision after sack calls

Gerry Cardinale is set to make a brief visit to Italy and will be attending the Paris Saint-Germain game, with three main objectives in mind, as reported. According to, Cardinale’s agenda includes several important tasks. Firstly, he plans to arrive in the city to show his support for Milan during what is a challenging phase in their season, following three defeats in their last four games.

His words of encouragement may be necessary, although the removal of Stefano Pioli is not currently being considered, with hopes for a turnaround in the team’s performance.

Cardinale is scheduled to be present at San Siro for the crucial Champions League match against PSG, a highly anticipated event, similar to the first leg where Milan faced a tough challenge against MbappĂ© and his teammates. The so-called “group of death” poses a significant challenge, but a positive result against the French champions could potentially revive their chances of advancing to the last 16. Cardinale’s presence at this match serves not only institutional purposes but also to emphasize the match’s significance and the club’s European heritage.


Cardinale offers Ibrahimovic new club role - AC Milan News


Additionally, Cardinale might use his visit to Italy as an opportunity to meet with Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Discussions have been ongoing with the Swedish footballer for some time, aiming to persuade him to accept a management role within the club.

The decision now rests with Ibrahimovic, as he seeks a well-defined and active position. A crucial meeting between the two is expected to take place, which could have a significant impact on the outcome.

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