Journalist shares what Joelinton said about Gabriel Magalhaes after Arsenal controversy

Natalie Gedra revealed that Joelinton expressed his relief over a decision favoring Newcastle United in their contentious match against Arsenal. The victory, secured by Eddie Howe’s team with a 1-0 score, hinged on an Anthony Gordon goal. Arsenal, particularly manager Mikel Arteta, were furious that the goal was allowed to stand. Arsenal’s main grievance was that they believed Joelinton fouled his compatriot Gabriel Magalhaes as the cross was delivered into the box by Joe Willock. Despite a lengthy VAR review and other factors being considered, the goal was upheld.

Natalie Gedra, a Brazilian journalist, shared that she interviewed both Joelinton and Gabriel Magalhaes, with Joelinton asserting that the incident was “nothing” and expressing his satisfaction that the decision went in their favor, citing a season marked by unfavorable calls.

This contentious goal was just one of the reasons that could have led to its disqualification, and Arsenal even raised concerns about whether the ball had gone out of play before the cross into the box. Mikel Arteta’s frustration after the match was palpable, as expressed by Natalie Gedra.

Did Joelinton push Gabriel?

“Actually, after the match, both of them spoke about it,” said Gedra.

“What I found interesting about Joelinton is that he went ‘no, no it was nothing. We had during the season a lot of decisions against us, so it was good that went (our way)’.

“Really, we are playing this game now?!”


Ex-PL referee now claims VAR made wrong decision in Newcastle v Arsenal

Fortunate Newcastle

If the shoe had been on the other foot, Eddie Howe would have been the one ranting and raving.

The officials’ problem is that there were numerous reasons why that goal could or should have been disallowed.

And, while they didn’t have the camera angles or technology to see if the ball went out of play, couldn’t they see the push on Gabriel?

Arsenal goalkeeper David Raya did not bask in glory, either, because he failed to deal with the cross, and his error went unnoticed amid the commotion surrounding VAR.

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