Simon Jordan sends clear message to Burnley, Leeds and Leicester City for trying to sue Everton

Simon Jordan has had his say on the lawsuit Everton are facing from their rivals.

Simon Jordan has warned Leeds United, Burnley, and Leicester City that pursuing legal action against Everton will ‘not get them very far’ after the Toffees were docked 10 points for violating the Premier League’s profitability and sustainability guidelines (PSR).

According to the Daily Mail, the three teams intend to sue Everton for £100 million each, the amount they feel they lost as a result of their relegation to the Championship. This follows claims from the same source that the enraged trio had planned to do so over the summer.

Leeds and Leicester were demoted to the Championship close behind Everton last season, and Burnley are supposed to be persuaded that Everton’s spending violated PSR regulations the previous season when they couldn’t avoid relegation.


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Nonetheless, Jordan raised misgivings about Leeds, Burnley, and Leicester’s case against Everton in his Mail On Sunday column as he analyzed the Toffees’ next steps.

“The challenge for Everton now is what to do next,” he added. Do they truly want this to be postponed and looming over them when the best course of action could be to take their medication?

“Despite the penalty, they are still only two points from safety, and given the struggles of the promoted clubs, it might be a good idea to take this one on the chin because I don’t see Everton going down.” I also don’t think the clubs lining up to sue Everton will get very far.”



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